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Article 8: The grade factor - slope matters.

Series: Building the perfect gate.

How many swing gates get stuck open because the driveway slopes up behind the gate and it bottoms out?

When you’ve established what type of gate you need, it is essential to know the area where it is going. Is there room to put the gate where it is wanted? It seems like a basic question but there are lots of fence lines that have been interrupted in order to accommodate a sliding gate. People often forget that sliding gates need 1.5 x the width of the driveway off to one side of a flat or negative grade in order to fit properly. How many swing gates get stuck open because the driveway slopes up and it bottoms up? It’s hard to decide how much room should be under a gate in its travel path but generally speaking, the more the better. The catch is that most people do not want a gate high off the ground so this is why in gate project planning - GRADE IS KEY!

In our next article we'll explore how seasonality further complicates the grade of your gate site and some of the features you might like to install on it - like bollards!

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