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Gate Hardware

Inner Column Post

Plated Structural Steel Inner Column Post


  • Designed to make integration of your gate, masonry, and automations seamless and simple on new entryway projects

  • Eliminates the need to cut, grind, and weld around finished stone and driveway surfaces

  • Bottom hinge shoe allows a drop-in installation and provides forward, backward, and side to side micro-adjustment (+/- 12 mm) at the spine in all directions

  • Scalable to your structural requirements

  • Pivot hinges with greaseable and sealed bearings for super low friction movement at any temperature

  • Bolt and hook rear motor bracket for SEA and Tousek operators

  • Surface mounting plate for photocells with threaded and plated rod and templates for easy location and dimension accuracy

  • Easy alignment of top and bottom hinge pivot points

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