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Sales Training

Graft provides product training to your sales team so they gain a better understanding of gate systems. After the training, your sales team will know what factors to be aware of for their next site visit.

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On-site and Off-site Technical Training

Graft assists your technicians both on-site and off-site. Your technicians can visit our location and receive hands-on product training so they are fully prepared for their next install. If needed, Graft can provide on-site assistance if your team prefers to have an expert on site during their install.


Technical Support 

Graft provides technical support over the phone at 905-874-3297, Monday–Friday, 7:30 a.m.–5:00 p.m. (EST). Your technician should be on site at the time of your call so Graft can help them resolve the issue in real time. Technical questions may also be emailed to:



The team at Graft can listen to your needs and use their expertise to provide you with recommendations for your next gate project. 

Engineers and Businesspeople

Site Planning & Technical Drawings

Graft can assist with planning the site for your gate installation to ensure that a reliable system is installed. Graft has an in-house CAD technician that provides approval drawings and installation drawings upon request.

Partner Program

Sign up to the Graft Partner Program and start receiving leads and priority support. There's no cost—we promise.

Need help finding the right solution? We're here to help.

We can help with everything from finding the right solution, creating a custom installation plan all the way to to helping you install it. Talk to one of our Graft professionals today.
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