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ASO safety edges.

ASO Safety Solutions

Best-in-class safety edges and bumpers.


ASO Safety Solutions provides state-of-the-art safety solutions and sensor systems, specializing in products such as safety edges, bumpers, safety mats, and relays designed for the automation of doors, gates, and machines. Their safety bumpers and edges are among the industries best and have a variety of advanced features. ASO Safety Solutions products are highly valued in various applications, particularly in transport vehicles, industrial trucks, high-shelf warehouses, production lines, and mobile systems where flexible safety equipment is crucial. 

Safety edge and bumper solutions that meet your requirements. 


ASO Safety Solutions offers a range of products, including the SENTIR series of safety bumpers and edges, that support multiple different applications in the transport and access sectors. The flexibility of these safety solutions makes them suitable for a wide array of environments where adaptable safety equipment is crucial.

Versatile and flexible applications.

ASO Safety Solutions edge and bumper safety products have several advanced features, including individual mounting options, insensitivity to vibration, and reliable switching contacts even during extensive operation. These features make them effective and reliable - even in the most demanding operational conditions.

Advanced safety features.

ASO Safety Solutions prides itself on offering customer-specific measurements, ensuring that their safety solutions are tailored to the last millimeter according to the unique needs of each customer. This commitment to customization reflects the adaptable nature of their  products and demonstrates their willingness to meet the needs of all of their customers.

Customer-centric approach.
Commercial garage doors with safety bumpers and edges.

Explore our ASO Safety Solutions.


Turn your gate vision into reality. 


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Residential gate.
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