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170 Bovaird Dr W Unit #4, Brampton, ON  L7A 1A1

SEA sliding gate operator on a gate with sensors.


The industry leader in quality hydraulic and electromechanical operators.


SEA manufacturers and delivers world-class hydraulic and electromechanical gate operators and components, all boasting industry-leading quality standards. With over 25 years experience, their slide, swing and barrier gate products are trusted globally and include a diverse selection of operators tailored for residential and commercial use. SEA builds their products to withstand all the elements, and offers a variety of design options to meet specific and unique customer requirements. Explore a world where cutting-edge technology and Italian craftsmanship converge for unparalleled automation solutions.

Versatile solutions with world-class quality.


SEA has a comprehensive product range, encompassing both hydraulic and electromechanical solutions. This versatility allows customers to choose from a wide array of operators designed for residential and commerical use. SEA is also one of worlds leading providers of barrier gate solutions.

Diverse product range.

SEA can tailor solutions specific to their customer requirements. Whether it's incorporating hydraulic slowdown or accommodating variations in technical specifications beyond production standards, SEA has the product flexibility and depth to satisfy any operator or barrier requirement.  This 

ensures customers can find or create automation solutions that precisely align with their individual needs.

Flexibility and customization.
SEA sliding gate operator on a gate with sensors.

Few companies in the market can match SEA's commitment to quality certification. Its products adhere to both European (EN 12543, EN 12445) and American standards (UL 325). This dedication to meeting and exceeding international standards underscores SEA's focus on delivering the worlds most reliable automation products, instilling confidence in their customers regarding the performance and safety of their solutions.

Certified quality standards.
SEA barrier gate in a commercial setting.
SEA swing operator in a residential setting.

Explore our diverse array SEA operators.


Turn your gate vision into reality. 


Contact us for a personalized consultation, and we can set you up with everything you need for a perfect project.
Residential gate.
SEA barrier gate in a commercial setting.
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