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170 Bovaird Dr W Unit #4, Brampton, ON  L7A 1A1

Modern gate across residential entrance.

Eberle Design Inc.

Game-changing vehicle detection systems.


EDI creates cutting-edge component products such as signal monitors, vehicle detectors, power supplies, load switches, flashers, bus interface units, and detector harnesses. These sophisticated components support and elevate the performance of gate, parking, and door operators. What sets EDI apart it's competitors is the incorporation of built-in setup and diagnostic tools. These are game-changers that not only saves technicians valuable time but also significantly reduces installation and maintenance costs. EDI's innovative approach not only conserves budgeted resources but also maximizes overall profits, offering a seamless and efficient solution for traffic and access management.

Vehicle detection products  that save valuable time and money.


EDI delivers accurate, reliable, and cost-effective vehicle detection solutions for both automobiles and bicycles. EDI's award winning Vehicle Detectors best-in-class, ensuring precision and efficiency in traffic and access management.

Precision in motion.

EDI's Automatic Vehicle Identification products are essential tools for detecting and identifying vehicles. They seamlessly integrate into automatic gate, door, and bollard control systems, and provide a heightened level of security, convenience, and efficient access management.

Efficient access management.
Commercial gate with EDI sensor.

EDI's Accessories form a comprehensive toolkit for installers, offering preformed loops, loop finders, harnesses, power supplies, socket bases, phasing coils, and loop wires. These accessories are meticulously crafted, empowering professionals with all the necessary components for smooth installations and optimal performance.  

Seamless integration.
Barrier gates with EDI sensors.
White commercial gate with EDI sensors.

Explore our range of EDI products.


Turn your gate vision into reality. 


Contact us for a personalized consultation, and we can set you up with everything you need for a perfect project.
Residential gate with EDI sensors.
Residential gate with EDI sensors.
Traffic booms with sensors.
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