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170 Bovaird Dr W Unit #4, Brampton, ON  L7A 1A1

Modern car park building.

National Loop

Precision loop performance with near-zero installation impact.


National Loop Company provides unique, durable driveway loop solutions. They have decades of experience dedicated to perfecting their loop product lines and they support a variety of different types of loop projects. Whether you are planning a new driveway, or need to install nominally intrusive loop products in an existing driveway, National Loop offers the perfect solution.

A solution for every driveway type.


National Loop's saw-cut loop products are designed for easy installation and sealing. All of their inductive loops are made with continuous wire and are preformed to fit perfectly in 1" saw cuts providing optimal read- height. They are precisely stacked to ensure sealants completely encapsulate the loops to provide maximum protection. These saw-cut products take the headache out of installation while providing the best reads in the business once operational.

Saw-cut loops.

National Loop's Direct Burial Loops arrive fully assembled and ready to install for any project involving paving, poured concrete or asphalt, gravel roadways or brick paving. Our direct burial products have been trusted by our customers for over 20 years. The buried loop liquid conduits are packed tightly and encapsulated with heavy-duty  material to ensure total protection from external conditions like sharp stones, heaving, chemicals and inclement weather. These quality products are easily installed and provide long lasting accuracy with low-maintenance.  

Direct burial loops.
National Loop vehicle sensor.

National Loop Company’s Surface-Mounted Loops are an innovative solution for post-tensioned concrete structure installation such as parking garages and other situations where saw cutting is prohibited and/ or risky. These products arrive assembled and ready to install, complete with adhesive and lead protection included in every kit. They are designed for use with automatic gates and common vehicle detection methods utilized by the Parking Access Revenue Control industry (PARCS) and are fully compatible with all loop detectors.

Surface-mounted loops.
Folding vehicle gate with loop sensor.
Sliding commercial vehicle gate with loop sensor.

Explore what National Loop has to offer.


Turn your gate vision into reality. 


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Residential gate.
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