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170 Bovaird Dr W Unit #4, Brampton, ON  L7A 1A1

Graft commercial cantilever gate.

Graft Commercial Gates

Setting a new standard for quality gate systems.


Graft produces its own line of manual and automated cantilever gate packages designed to efficiently regulate vehicular traffic. Their products feature a unique horizontal aluminum frame structure that enhances overall strength and accommodates multiple infill options within the frame eliminating the need for diagonal bracing. Graft’s gate packages are crafted with precision, scalable and can be customized to meet a variety of project specifications.

A versatile, budget-friendly commercial gate system designed to fit any commercial property.


Graft's cantilever gates are designed to support a variety of infill options. This enables their gates to be customized for different aesthetic preferences, security requirements, and site-specific needs, enhancing their suitability for a wide range of driveways and access routes.

Versatile Design & Application

Graft uses high-grade, rust-free Aluminum for all of it's gate frames. All designs are modular and integrate high-quality components including brushless racks and pinion operators to create safe, reliable, and durable cantilever gate solutions that exceed standards (UL 325). Graft's gate solutions are warrantied and will provide long-term performance. 

Reliability & Durability
Graft commercial cantilever gate in brown with slide operator.

Grafts modular design and easy customization contribute to the ease of installing their products. Their gate packages include a variety of safety features, visual and audible notifications, anti-climb deterrence, and finish options to enhance the overall user experience and ensure it is user-friendly. Additionally, Graft provides all maintenance recommendations to support the gate's longevity and functionality, providing a solution that is convenient for both installers and end-users.

Easy Installation & Maintenance
Graft commercial cantilever gate in brown.
Graft commercial cantilever gate being customized at the shop.

Explore Graft's Commercial Gate features.


All-encompassing gate solution, inclusive of optional automation, security, and safety features, drawings, installation guides, and warranties.

Adaptable rack drive operator.

Sturdy 10" bottom horizontal profile for a secure and robust deterence.

Tailor-made gate infills to align with your aesthetic and security preferences.

Aluminum frame mechanically fastend to a robust roll-formed and galvanized track system, ensuring unparalleled durability.