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How-To Guide: Install Direct Burial Preformed Loops for Paving Over

When it comes to gate applications, inductive vehicle detection loops are useful for both safety and activation. Their purpose is to detect a vehicle that is within range. Therefore, loops are ideal for preventing a gate from closing or opening on a vehicle and granting vehicles 'free exit' from the premises. When a loop is pre-fabricated with conduit by a manufacturer, it is considered a preformed loop. Preformed loops are great because they eliminate the hassle and guesswork involved in hand-winding your own loops for an install.

The following is a step-by-step guide to install direct burial preformed loops for paving over.

Step 1: Outline loop with orange construction paint.

Configure the preformed loop into a rectangular shape in the size required for the site. Lay the loop on the ground in the area that you will be installing it. Use orange construction spray paint and outline the loop.

Step 2: Excavate marked area.

Use an excavator to to dig out the are marked in the first step. It is recommended to dig approximately 6"-8" deep.

Step 3: Place loop in excavated area.

When you place the loop in the excavated area, make sure that the 'T' and lead-in wire are closest to the control box.

Step 4: Protect the lead-in wire.

The lead-in wire is what connects the loop to the detector. It should be protected by an additional length of rigid conduit.

Step 5: Cover with sand, dirt, or gravel.

Once the loop is in place, cover it with sand, dirt, or gravel to prepare for paving.

Have questions or interested in learning more about the preformed loops we offer? Contact us today.

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