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Hydraulic or Electromechanical Operators: Which are Better for Your Swing Gate?

As you browse the wide range of operators available for your next gate project, you will notice that there are two common drive types: hydraulic or electromechanical. Both operator types have benefits and drawbacks. Ultimately, the decision on which type of operator to use comes down to the application.

Hydraulic Operators

Hydraulic gate operators have an electric motor which pumps pressurized hydraulic fluid through a distribution valve system.


  • Powerful, exceptional control of large gates

  • Sealed actuator with lubrication of all parts

  • Highly precision manufacturing for performance in extreme conditions

  • Fewer moving parts

  • Rebuildable

  • Reliable and long-lasting

  • Longer warranty period

Electromechanical Operators:

Electromechanical gate operators have a worm gear which is driven through an electric motor and gear reduction.


  • Cost-effective

  • Limited maintenance

  • Quiet operation

  • Low voltage motor allows for battery back-up options

Click here to view our range of hydraulic and electromechanical swing gate operators.

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