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4 Benefits of Barrier Gates

It is not difficult to think of the last time you saw or used a barrier gate. That is because barrier gates are great for all types of applications that require access and traffic control.

Some application examples include:

  • Apartment or condominium underground parking garage

  • Employee parking lot

  • Public pay parking lot

  • Airport, hospital and school parking lot or garage

  • Commercial property with restricted lot (ie: transportation)

  • Barrier gates are often used because of the benefits they offer the client.

#1: Increased Security

Barrier gates increase security because they restrict vehicle access to a designated area on the property. For example, an underground parking garage at an apartment complex may install a barrier gate to separate visitor parking and resident parking. This prevents the visitor from parking their vehicle in the resident parking lot.

#2: Traffic Control

Barrier gates allow for the organized control of traffic flow. For example, a large distribution centre may install in-and-out barrier gates so that trucks can only enter and exit one way. As a result, you have a more organized flow of traffic.

#3: Cost-Effective

Barrier gates are a cost-effective solution compared to swing or slide gates, when vehicle access and control are the only concerns. There is a limited amount of below grade work required and the installation is simple.

#4: Efficient

Barrier gates are built to open and close quickly, multiple times an hour. This makes them a great solution for application where there is a significant amount of traffic.

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