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170 Bovaird Dr W Unit #4, Brampton, ON  L7A 1A1

Tousek Rollco® LWA 115

Maintenance-free aluminium systems for all cantilevered sliding gates with up to 5.8 metres passage width.

The Rollco® LWA 115 is the result of a brand-new concept.  The high-quality aluminium rail guarantees absolute corrosion resistance and is about 2/3 lighter than usual steel rails. The solid roller unit, with its large polyamide rollers (ballbearing-cushioned) guarantees maximum quiet while running, even at highest load, as well as reliability for many, many years.



The aluminium rail, combined with the solid roller unit and the large polyamide rollers (ballbearing-cushioned) guarantees the greatest quiet while running.



The technically innovative cantilever systems profile makes installing the gear rack and limit switch time-saving and rational.



The roller units, adjustable in height and angle, completely eliminate load alternation re actions.



Using aluminium and stainless steel guarantees absolute corrosion resistance.



The Rollco® LWA 115 has been designed to be optimally compatible with the Tousek Pull sliding gate series; of course, it can also be ope rated manually.


Rollco® LWA 115

Cycles 50 Cycles / day
Maximum Load weight 40kg / m
Weight 5kg / m
Maximum entrance width 5800mm
Maximum profile length 8000mm
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