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170 Bovaird Dr W Unit #4, Brampton, ON  L7A 1A1

Tousek Rollco® LWS 111

Tousek Rollco® LWS 111 Rails of galvanized steel for all cantilevered gates with a passage widge of up to seven metres.


With the Rollco® LWS 111 cantilever system, tousek has realised a new concept.  The rail, of high-quality, hot-dip galvanised steel is suitable for use outdoors without any further surface treatment. Modern cantilevered sliding-gate constructions are advantageous in many ways.  The most important one: imperviousness to ice and snow, the gate hovers away from all ground unevenness. The solid roller unit, with its large, ball-bearing supported steel rollers, ensures optimal guidance and guarantees the greatest quiet in operation, even at maximum load, and reliability for many, many years. The adjuster screw prevents the tilt-effect during endurance reactions. The maintenance-free ball bearings, impervious to dust, are another characteristic of highest tousek quality.


Adjustable inclination of rolling gear
Important against tilting when changing the load and therefore silent and low-wear movement.


Concave side wall
Much higher stiffness in comparison to usual “flat“ walls.


Drilling channel
Helps gear rack mounting and saves valuable installation time!


Unique rolling gear covers

Protects and leaves the mecha nical parts covered

In combination with the solid roller unit and the large, ball-bearing supported steel rollers, the steel rails guarantee maximum quiet when running.

The tousek Rollco® LWS 111 cantilever systems for sliding gates have been optimally designed to be compatible with the tousek Pull sliding gate series. Naturally, both systems can also be operated manually.


Carrying Power
Gate Frequency
LWS 111 8m 60kg 390kg 30
LWS 125 12m 150kg 1,130kg 200


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