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4 Benefits of the SEA UNIGATE Controller

The control unit is considered the brain of a gate system. The SEA UNIGATE controller seamlessly ties together all components of the system so that the gate moves effectively.

#1 - Precision Control of Gate Movement

The SEA UNIGATE controller gives you the ability to control high voltage hydraulic operators like low voltage DC motors. Adjust the speed of the operators and program them to gradually accelerate on start and decelerate on stop. This allows for steady control of large, heavy gates.

#2 - One Controller, Many Operators

The SEA UNIGATE controller is compatible with SEA swing, slide, and barrier gate operators. Learn just one programming system and apply it to many applications.

#3 - Cooler Motors = Higher Duty Cycle

The SEA UNIGATE controller keeps the motor temperature down so that they can withstand intensive use applications.

#4 - Easy to Read Display

The SEA UNIGATE controller has an on-board backlit display with (2) lines that fit (8) characters each. This makes it easier to understand each programming step. Alternatively, a hand-held programmer is available for ergonomic programming.

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