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6 Benefits of Rack Drive Slide Gate Operators

Rack drive slide gate operators, commonly seen in Europe, have proven their benefits in the North American market. The operator has a pinion attached to the drive shaft which aligns with lengths of gear rack installed along the sliding gate. As the pinion rotates, it moves along the gear rack and consequently, moves the gate.

#1 - Smooth, Quiet Operation

The operator pinion smoothly runs along the gear rack and effortlessly opens/closes the gate. Since all components are tightly secured, there is no shaking or rattling of the gate while it is in motion.

#2 - Secure

Depending on the site security requirements, the gear rack can be welded or bolted to the gate. It would be exceptionally difficult to cause enough damage for the rack and pinion to become unaligned and open the gate.

#3 - Maintain Gate Structure

When automated by other slide gate operator drive systems, gates have a tendency to bow over time. This affects the gate movement and promotes premature deterioration of the hardware. Rack drive slide gate operators maintain the gate structure because of the smooth movement. There is no stress on the gate from the operator pulling on it.

#4 - Simple Installation

Rack drive slide gate operators typically have a smaller profile and are lighter than alternatives. This means that just a single technician is able to install the operator. Also, once the rack and pinion is aligned the first time at installation, you do not need to continuously got back to adjust it.

#5 - Variety

There are many options available to you with rack drive slide gate operators. Pinions are available in different sizes where the number of teeth vary. As the number of teeth on the pinion increases, so does the speed of the gate. Gear rack is available in different materials, including galvanized steel, stainless steel, and nylon.

#6 - Aesthetically Pleasing

Since rack drive slide gate operators have a smaller profile and the gear rack is closely secured alongside the gate, the overall look of the gate is maintained. This is especially important for residential slide gate applications.

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