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4 Benefits of the Inner Column Post

The inner column post is ideal for new swing gate projects where the client has requested masonry columns for the gate. The post is designed to make integration of your gate, masonry, and automations seamless and simple.

Continue reading to explore the benefits that the inner column posts offer the installer.

#1 - Save time on site.

The inner column post saves you a significant amount of time during a gate installation because it eliminates the need to cut, grind, and weld while on site. The pivot hinges and operator back bracket are pre-mounted to allow for a quick bolt-and-hook installation of the gate and operators. The bottom hinge shoe provides a drop-in installation for the gate leaf.

#2 - Cleaner finish on site.

Welding and grinding on site can affect the overall look of the installation. Welding spatter can darken masonry columns and grinding dust can cause rust stains. By eliminating the need for welding and grinding on site, the inner column post provides a cleaner finish to your installation.

#3 - Easy alignment.

Alignment of the gate leaves is simplified due to the adjustment in the top and bottom pivot hinges. The top pivot hinge has a sealed roller bearing and provides front-to-back adjustment. The bottom pivot hinge has a grease-able tapered bearing and is mounted to the gate shoe. The bottom hinge shoe provides forward, backward, and side-to-side micro-adjustment (+/- 12 mm).

#4 - Customizable to site requirements.

The inner column post is customizable to meet your installation needs. The spine can be lengthened or shortened to suit the the gate height. The size of the pivot hinges vary based on the length and weight of the gate. If you wish to automate the gate with operators that we do not supply, we can modify the pre-mounted operator back bracket to suit the motor you will be installing. Also, mounting plates for photocells are optional.

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