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Article 1: Don't underestimate your gate installation needs!

Updated: Jan 12

Series: Building the perfect gate.
La Toulousaine Numan gate installation in black with grey stone pillars on either side. Beautiful mansion and grounds in the background.
This series explores the steps, materials, construction considerations and other essential aspects of building a perfect gate installation. Stay tuned for future articles in the series. Don't hesitate to call us for more information!
- Joel Huws-Oussoren

It’s easy to underestimate what it takes to deliver a functional, well designed and integrated entryway gate. It happens all the time. You've seen these gate installations that have been poorly thought out – they’re the ones that are left open, tilted, hit by vehicles, rusting, obviously disconnected because the property owner hates how inconvenient it is to have this broken entryway. They've paid good money to be able to control access to their property but what has been delivered is far from ideal and is now a wasteful pain to manage or try to make right. The gate could have been built correctly. The automations may have been fine. The access control could be the proper set up. But why do so many entry gates underwhelm the clients for whom the system was designed? The answer usually comes down to improper planning and/or a lack of integration of the components.

They've paid good money to be able to control access to their property but what has been delivered is far from ideal...

There are many factors that go into the delivery of a proper gated entryway. The path to success starts even before the contract is awarded and continues years after installation with proper maintenance and service. In this article series, Graft Gate Supply speaks to the process of providing what is right and proper to clients who invest in gated entryways.

Up Next in the Series

A couple looking over a gate installation planning document.

Article 2

Before You Start

This article focusses on the accessibility options a client may need.

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