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Article 6: Commercial Gates

Updated: Jan 12

Series: Building the perfect gate.

Whether it’s a swing gate between buildings or a cantilevered slide gate along the fence line, commercial gates should look good and work even better.

With a full line of cantilevered slide gate hardware platforms, and their own custom aluminum extrusions, Graft makes commercial gates smarter, less costly in the medium/long term, more reliable, more robust, and better in just about every way.

If you want drawings for fabrication, installation, and sales we do that too.

Tousek Steel Rollco® and Aluminum Rollco®

Tousek Rollco® steel and aluminum support rollers are flexible and adjustable to accommodate grade changes on site. This prevents any grinding and binding due to misalignment of rollers. Spend less time on minor adjustments during installation and replacing old, worn out rollers.

ComunelloGate Albatross® comes in multiple sizes.

The CommunelloGate patented Albatros system remains totally suspended off-ground and therefore trackless, allowing a clean obstacle free entranceway. It occupies half the space of a single leaf swing gate and it's frictionless bi-folding power transmission arm is mounted on the underside of the first gate leaf enabling smooth, quiet operation.

With the Tousek cantilevered gate platforms in aluminum and steel (up to 12m track pieces), and ComunelloGate hinge systems – including the Albatross bifold swing gate hardware – Graft has commercial gates covered. Like always, if you want drawings for fabrication, installation, and sales we do that too.

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