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Article 4: Illustrations should be part of your plan!

Updated: Jan 12

Series: Building the perfect gate.

The production of custom and semi-custom CAD plans is a service that Graft gladly offers our partners including installers, architects, designers, and everyone else who may have a part to play in the creation of automated entryways.

Our drawings can detail:

  • the conduit runs,

  • concrete forms,

  • masonry outlines,

  • automation and access control locations,

  • hinges,

  • gate details,

  • and structural steel.

Take the guess work out of how things go together to save time, money, and pain.

These can be provided for sales, installation, integration of trades, or for whatever reason you would want more information clearly laid out to work from or share. They take the guess work out of how things go together to save time, money, and pain. Plans with brackets, offsets, mounting locations, and all the other small details are included if you use equipment from Graft's product line. This makes a big difference to the time it takes to do an install and ensures smooth operation and movement of the gate .

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