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Article 2: Before you start!

Updated: Jan 12

Series: Building the perfect gate.

When asked what kind of gate they want, a client usually responds with something like “I want a gate that goes up in the middle. Black. And opens with a clicker. Can we have a code?” Most installers will probe a little deeper into the plan. Maybe clarify who will be using the gate. Maybe get an idea of the security level the client is after. Maybe ask a few probing questions about whether the client plans for the gate to be always closed, or open during the day and closed at night. These questions cascade into a discussion about how the landscaper will get in, what will happen when deliveries come to the house, maybe clarification on how many remotes are included, etc.

I want a gate that goes up in the middle. Black. And opens with a clicker. Can we have a code?

This initial conversation is critical to understanding what a client wants, what they know and don’t know about their new secured property perimeter, and the effects it will have on their use of the driveway. Gates control access to the property. This impacts everyone:

  • The Client

  • Children

  • Relatives

  • Nannies

  • Contractors and landscapers

  • Service vehicles

  • Deliveries: Canada Post, UPS, food delivery, metre readers, couriers

  • Uber

  • Dog walkers

  • Burglars

  • Everyone!

And 'everyone' doesn’t come to the property only when it’s convenient. How will the client decide whether or not to let people in when they’re not home? Will the gate allow passage of everyone who is granted access to the property safely and securely?

To plan an entryway is to analyse how everyone will access the property and how it will be controlled. It’s a huge question that needs to be discussed before the first shovel is in the ground!

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