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Article 3: Gate installers have your say!

Updated: Jan 12

Series: Building the perfect gate.
Team reviewing engineering drawings.

Like everything, knowledge is key. What does the client know about gate systems? Usually not enough to plan a completely functional system. As the installer, do you know all the different options available to provide your clients the functionality they are looking for? Is your knowledge of access control options and automation equipment up to date?

Is your knowledge of access control options and automation equipment up to date?

Graft stresses the importance of installers getting in front of the gate project. The earlier the gate installer gets involved and adds their input, the more likely costly mistakes are avoided. For example:

  • Conduits. Conduit runs are crucial to ensuring the proper insulation and protection of all cables. They're also key in preserving the aesthetic appeal of the landscape around the gate system.

  • Driveway Loops. Detection loops are great for triggering an early gate opening, offering the property owner superior drive-up experience.

  • Keyed Footings. Keyed footings aide the steel reinforcements in resisting lateral strain exerted at the base of the posts. They are an instrumental part of ensuring a gate system can handle its structural weight, movement, and the environmental rigours placed on it.

  • Structural Steel Inner Column Posts. These posts make a world of difference in the aesthetic appeal of a gate. They give the hinges an indentation for motors —providing a cleaner install.

  • Control Box and Power. Where the control box would reside dictates the box type and conduit run locations.

  • Gate Types. Security considerations and property type will often drive the gate type.

  • Accessibility and Security Considerations. Access controls, security monitoring, and lighting systems all contribute to protecting the property and providing a superior experience.

  • Landscaping. Garden considerations help beautify and complete the project. Often landscaping considerations help mask visible components of an installation, creating a clean and aesthetically pleasing installation.

Ultimately, the early the installer is engaged, the greater likelihood of a successful project with a very satisfied client.

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