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How to Choose the Right Pivot Hinge for Your Swing Gate?

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

What are Pivot Hinges?

Swing gates of all weights and sizes provide protection and access to the user throughout the day. The frequency that the gates open and close daily depend on the application. It is important to ensure that the gates are supported by robust and reliable hinges that provide a smooth range of motion. An automatic operator or the user for manual applications should not have to exert themselves to move the swing gates. Pivot hinges deliver free movement without friction and can handle heavy weight loads. The swing gate leaf rests between a top hinge with ball bearing and a bottom hinge with thrust bearing.

Types of Pivot Hinges

Graft Gate Supply supplies two styles of Comunello pivot hinges: Weldable and Bolt-On.


Weldable pivot hinges are ideal for heavier swing gate applications with steel posts.


Bolt-on pivot hinges are easy to install and allow for adjustments for alignment. Both the top and bottom hinge have a slim-profile L-bracket with two fastening holes. Bolt-on hinges are ideal for applications where the post is not made of steel (ie: aluminum or wood).

Steps to Choose the Right Pivot Hinge for Your Application:

  1. Determine the length of your gate leaf (in metres).

  2. Determine the height of your gate leaf (in metres).Divide the length of the gate leaf by the height (in metres). Record the number. Example: gate length is 6 m and gate height is 4 m = 6/4 = 1.5

  3. Determine the weight of the gate leaf (in kilograms).

  4. Refer to the chart below to find out which hinge will support the gate.

Contact us if you still have questions about which hinges are right for your swing gate.

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