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170 Bovaird Dr W Unit #4, Brampton, ON  L7A 1A1

Tousek Pull T24

The new Tousek PULL T24 operator prioritizes quick and simple installation, trouble-free operation, and unwavering quality and reliability. With user-friendly features like automatic learning of gate end positions and an easily programmable text display, this operator integrates an electric motor and worm gearing in a robust aluminum housing. The safety reverse system ARS ensures obstacle detection, and Tousek's commitment to durability includes features like an oil bath for optimal motor/gearing function. The integrated control board offers three operation modes, supporting various connections and additional features like 230V output terminals and compatibility with extra modules. Swift installation is possible for both new and existing sliding gates.



  • Large, illuminated LC-Display (2 x 16 characters)
  • Clear text menu programmable through 4 buttons
  • Downloadable memory of the last 800 cycles
  • Selectable operating modes (impulse, automatic, deadman)
  • Slot for pluggable radio receiver
  • Direct connection of 8,2kΩ safety sensing edges seperated for main and side edge
  • Status display for safety and impulse inputs
  • Self-monitoring of the photocell
  • Adjustable soft stop (distance and speed)
  • Optional PULL T8 with directional traffic light control
  • Optional master-slave operation with PULL T8 + T10 + T15



1 Receiver RS 868 2-channel
2 transmitters RS 868-4M, 4-channel
1 pair photocells LS180
1 detailed installation manual

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